Vol.4, No.1, 2016

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Exergoeconomic Evaluation of an Integrated Nitrogen Rejection Unit with LNG and NGL Co-Production Processes Based on the MFC and Absorbtion Refrigeration Systems

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Bahram Ghorbani؛ Mohammad-Hossein Hamedi؛ Majid Amidpour


Preparation of Graphene-amine Nanofluid for Absorption of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from a Natural Gas Stream in a Wetted Wall Column

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Ali Mohebbi؛ Mahboobeh Taheri؛ Hassan Hashemipour؛ Ali Morad Rashidi


Area Energy and Throughput Targeting in Debottlenecking of Heat Exchanger Networks with Decomposition Approach

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Sara Kafashian؛ Gholam Reza Salehi؛ Majid Amidpour


Visual Observation of Flow Regime Transition in Downward Vertical Gas-Liquid Flow Using Simple Mixer

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Farhad Raeiszadeh؛ Ebrahim Hajidavalloo؛ Morteza Behbahaninejad؛ Pedram Hanafizadeh


The Effect of 1-Butanol Co-Feeding on Propylene Production in the MTP Reaction

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Masoud Beheshti؛ Mohammad Javad Hosseini Abouali؛ Ataallah Sari


Positive Coupling Effect in Gas Condensate Flow Capillary Number Versus Weber Number

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Mohammad Mohammadi-Khanaposhtani

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