The study of similarities between Ilm-ol-Ma’a:ni(as one of the branches of Islamic Rhetoric) and Jakobson's theory of communicative functions with emphasis on verses of the Holy Quran

صفحه 1-22
fatemeh salehi؛ Ahmad Reza Zakeri


Critical Analysis of the Translations of the Quranic words and Structures, the Relationship between Language and the Two Levels of Literature and Culture

صفحه 23-40
mohamma janipoor


Understanding of the Quran through its Network or Supralinear Order

صفحه 41-60
ahmad QaraieSultanabadi


The rhetorical function of ellipsis and its impact on translating the holy Quran

صفحه 61-76
Asghar shahbazi؛ Hamid Ahmadian؛ Nasrollah Shameli


Semantic Study of Madness Accusation against the Prophet (PBUH) Based on the Responses Given to it by the Quran

صفحه 77-92
Khalil Parvini؛ Hadi ZeyniMalekAbad؛ Nosrat Nilsaz؛ Valiollah Hasoomi


Ibn Ashur's Syntaxic Views in Justifying Similarity of Accusatives in “Al-Tahrirva Al-Tanvir” Commentary

صفحه 93-104
Mahmood Shakib Ansari؛ Mahmood Abdanan Mahdizadeh؛ Kobra Mohammadisaribaglu


A Glance at the Quranic Translation by Hadad Adel

صفحه 105-118
AhmadReza Tavakoli؛ Nadali Ashoori Talooki

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب