Vol. 12, No. 1, 2023

صفحه 1-176


A Study of the Discursive Accomplishment of Stereotypes in Everyday Discourse A Case of Persian Speakers

صفحه 1-44
Fatemeh Ghanavati Nasab؛ Moussa Ahmadian


A Comparative Study of Sustainability Education among Iranian EFL Instructors and Social Sciences Instructors

صفحه 45-72
Naser Rashidi؛ Zahra Tavakkoli


Digital Gaming as a Panacea for Incidental L2 Acquisition in an EFL Context

صفحه 73-94
Liqaa Habeb Al-Obaydi؛ Marcel Pikhart؛ Farzaneh Shakki


Do the Number of Contact Hours Matter? Revisiting the Effectiveness of Online Remedial English Course during the Pandemic in the Kingdom of Bahrain

صفحه 95-112
Rodalin Asenas؛ Mark Pabatang Doblas؛ Andrews Maquiling


Use of Blogging to Improve Writing Skills: A Study Conducted on EFL Freshman Students

صفحه 113-132
Karem Abdellatif Ahmed Mohamed


Exploring Implicit and Explicit Lexical Strategies in L2 Learners’ Incidental Vocabulary Learning While Reading

صفحه 133-158
Reza Ashraf Nia؛ Ali Roohani؛ Mahmood Hashemian


Detecting Halo Effects across Rubric Criteria in L2 Writing Assessment: A Many-facet Rasch Analysis

صفحه 159-176
Hakimeh Ayoobiyan؛ Alireza Ahmadi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب